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Platform: iOS, Android

Studio: Urthworx

Engine: Box 2D, Corona SDK

Released: 2016

I worked for New York-based studio Urthworx as a remote freelance designer for a period in 2015. During this time, I worked on NBA Escape primarily in a level design capacity, creating new levels involving physics-based puzzles and elaborate trick-shots.


Urthworx describe the game as: "...the first NBA-licensed product that makes a social impact. It’s an incredibly fun mix of Angry Birds and Space Jam.


It features all the brightest NBA stars and raises funds and awareness for causes including the Boys & Girls Clubs."

NBA Escape

Level and puzzle examples coming soon

Despite perhaps not being the most glamorous of projects out there, I had just finished a stint of mainly documentation-based design. As such, I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty again in terms of level design and layering up the physics-based puzzles.

Having worked with the Box 2D engine before (Fluidity), I was already familiar with its capabilities, and so enjoyed turning out quite a high volume of levels in a relatively short space of time.

Level Design

I was asked to mock up a couple of simple levels for my design test. After getting the gig, I went on to build these levels and wire them up using the tools. 

As time went on the levels obviously became a lot more advanced, and once I figure out how to get the editor running on my new hardware I shall upload some of the more advanced challenges I made.

A couple of simple concept levels I mocked up for my design test. These later went into production and got included fairly early on in the game.

Example of an evolution of the level above (art still WiP)

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