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Buzz! Quiz Games (Various)

Platform: PS2, PS3

Studio: Relentless Software

Publisher: Sony Europe (SCEE)

Engine: Custom

Released: 2005-2008

While working at Relentless Software as a Production Assistant, I was involved with the award winning Buzz! franchise from the start.

After Buzz! the Music Quiz was released, I set up and managed the 13-strong testing department, including functionality, translation, localisation and usability/focus. I conducted focus tests and recommended design changes based on the results.


During my time at Relentless I also came up with several new round mechanics, which I prototyped using Flash. Several of these have subsequently made their way into various Buzz! games.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz Launch Trailer

In 2006, Buzz!: The BIG Quiz won the prestigious BAFTA award for Best Casual and Social game.

More info coming soon.....

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