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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Platform: PC (Steam)

Studio: Remote Collaboration with Mod group

Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Released: 2015 (Steam Green Light)

Currently in Steam Early Access, Angels Fall First: Planetstorm is an ambitious multiplayer sci-fi war game, fought both in space and on the ground featuring large detailed environments and a beautiful arsenal of innovative military hardware..


Using UDK, my contribution mainly involved level design, in the form of spaceship interior mapping. Using existing assets provided by the artists, I was involved with interior design, including vertex painting and lighting.

I collaborated on Angels Fall First: Planetstorm remotely in my spare time.

Launch Trailer


The level below is the interior of a large freighter but lightly armed civilian ship known as the Innertai that is part of an escort mission. It features two breach areas from which it can be boarded, a bridge from which a player can take control of ship itself in 3rd person, 3 mountable defence turrets (one on top and two at the sides), a damageable shield generator and damageable engines.

The level is due to drop as part of the neutral faction update later in 2017.

In charge of a fully pilotable ship, the owning team must first safeguared the ship's cargo by preventing it from being boarded. They can do so by steering it clear of danger, but also by using the ships offensive and capabilities, and finally by maintaining the shield generator pictured below in Sector B2.


If the attacking forces manage to latch on to a breach point to the rear of the ship, the stage is set for a hectic interior battle in which the defensive team must risk everything to prevent the ship from being sabotaged and/or hijacked.

(The freighter is made up of various distinct sections; the bridge and crew quarters at the front, four cargo bays and an engine room at the rear. I created the interior using a vast library of existing meshes that in some cases I re-purposed, re-textured and re-coloured to give the ship its own unique look and feel.

The grille in the floor between the bridge and the crew quarters allows wary players to keep an eye on the situation below. Observant defensive players can take advantage of this and pre-empt any incoming attacks without needing to deploy valuable resources below.

Not entirely defenceless, the freighter is equipped with three turrets; two at the sides towards the rear, and one on top near the front.When the player mounts one of the turrets, the camera pops out to an external model of the ship, allowing them to fight off any unwanted approaches.

I designed the cargo areas in such a way that there are 8 ways in and out of each area; two connecting each area below, while the catwalk up top provides access to the upper passages.


There are also plenty of more interesting routes through, under and over the containers themselves.

The four engines at the rear of the ship are destructible and repairable, adding a strategic sabotage component to the gameplay

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